Evan's Story

Every kid growing up plays with toy cars right?

Well, I was no different; accept for the fact that by the age of 5 I could tell you the make and model of every hot wheels and matchbox in my room. As I got older, my passion for cars continued to grow. When I was 15 I remember riding my bike past an old 69’ Mercedes 250 sedan with a “For Sale” sign in it. At the time, my parents were looking for a car for my older sister so I sold them on the idea of purchasing the car for her. I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t be thrilled about the idea of driving this old rusty car, but I most definitely was. My parents bought the car, my sister cried, and the car was all mine.

A couple years later I got hired at the local Volkswagen dealership as a lot attendant then service porter, and eventually a lube technician. When I wasn’t at work or school, a friend and I bought and sold cars on Craigslist and eBay to help pay our tuition at Middle Tennessee State University. I would troll Craigslist all day looking for air cooled VWs, 80’s BMW’s, or anything else foreign and funky that piqued my interest.

When I came across something I liked that was a good deal, my friend would put up the money, and we would buy it. We detailed them at our parent’s houses and then list them on various enthusiast websites. Not only was it a great way to help pay for college, but it was also a great distraction from school.

My major at MTSU was in Entrepreneurship and my final business class required the creation and proposal of a complete business plan before a panel of local bankers. Naturally I took what my friend and I had already been doing, and developed it into a legitimate business model. I got an “A” on the project and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business December 2008.

Shortly after I graduated I went up to Jaguar Porsche Audi of Nashville looking for a job in the service department. They didn’t have any openings, but I was offered a job in sales, which I accepted. My passion for cars quickly took me to the top and was salesman of the year my first two years at JPA Nashville. The following year I competed in an Audi product knowledge competition. I won the dealership, regional, and finally the national competition in 2011, which was held at Audi of America’s headquarters in Herndon, Virginia.

After 2 years of sales, I was given the opportunity to be the Used Car Sales Manager at JPA. I gained a lot of experience in that position, but the higher I climbed the corporate ladder the more I realized I was getting away from what I truly enjoyed….the cars. 

JPA and I parted company and I started brokering under a small dealership buying and selling cars and motorcycles that interest me. I quickly realized that I was ready to finally start a dealership of my own.

They say that if you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life. If that’s the case, then consider this my early retirement. My whole life has prepared me for this, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Whatever it is, I sure hope it has a motor in it.

- Evan Lomas